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Our Story

“A destination. A state of mind.”

I am my own story. I am Christian. I am Black. I like anime. I like jazz and techno and soul. I’m a biologist and a web designer. I am my sister’s keeper. I am proud, loyal and loud. I create because I have to, not because it’s trending; my mind won’t let me rest until I do. I create what I’m feeling and that’s why you’ll see so many different meanings in my designs. Because I’m not just one type and neither are you.

Our Mother’s Land began with one product: the Motherland tee. I wanted to finally give Africa her crown because I’m tired of waiting for mainstream to give it to her. God chose her to be the birthplace of every great thing and it’s time she be recognized in a big way, not just amongst Black people.

Our Mother’s Land is conscious clothing dedicated to promoting love and support for all Black people. It’s all about unity and pride in Blackness. Everyone’s invited to partake in the change that’s happening for Us. If you’re not Black but want to support the movement that this brand is helping to make mainstream aware of, there is space for you.

Have you joined the tribe yet? Every purchase supports this Black woman-owned small business in Mississippi and makes it grow that much more. So go on and finally add that item you’ve been eyeing to your cart and checkout, having peace of mind in knowing that this is conscious clothing.

A huge THANK YOU to the entire tribe for continuously supporting me by purchasing products, sharing posts, tagging the brand, messaging me encouraging words, sending opportunities my way, etc. We are a collective and we succeed together.

Don’t hesitate to chat or send and email–I want to hear what you have to say. This is still a side hustle for me but I have so many ideas and plans for OML so I need you to keep supporting financially and watch me weerrk.  Ubuntu.


-Whitney Wells


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